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Kristen Norris is the owner and operator of Hearts4you. She has worked in the medical field for the past 10 years. She has experience in CPR, paramedicine, emergency medicine,critical care, rehabilitation and Assisted daily living for senior care.

Kristen was educated at NorthWest Florida state college where she received her associates as a paramedic. She also received her Bachelors in Science from Chamberlain College of Nursing for Registered Nursing.

Kristen currently works for a private ambulance company as well as in the CVICU unit as a critical care nurse.

"I concentrate heavily on a hands on approach, I want to make sure all my students are knowledgeable, comfortable and competent in CPR. They will not only be able to not panic when the occasion causes for it but they will be able to take the correct steps in activating the emergency system."

-Kristen Norris


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